Buying More Retirees Moving to Less-Dense Regions

More Retirees Moving to Less-Dense Regions

by Kent Allen, AARP, April 9, 2018 A survey finds a trend toward smaller, sparsely populated states. While warm-weather states like Florida and Arizona still draw a larger number of retirees each year, sparsely populated and smaller states are attracting a bigger share of boomers than in the past, a United Van Lines survey has found. …

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assisted living Retiring: Stay or Move?

Retiring: Stay or Move?

By Larry Hungerford 336-998-7000 or of As we age, approaching the end of our working years, we face many tough decisions. Can we afford to retire? What do we do about long-term care? Should we relocate or stay put? Typically, a conservative safe approach recommended by many experts, is to plan on taking no …

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